7th Grade Homeroom

Welcome to 7th Grade, the wonderful world

of Junior High

The Academy of Sts. Philip and James focuses on preparing students for the rigors of high school
On November 7th, the 7th grade spent the day  participating in Junior Achievement Economics for Success.  This program provided the students with practical information about the importance of pursuing an education that will help them achieve their career goals based on their skills, interests, and values.  The students also participated in activities to develop their knowledge of personal finance.  The students were eager to play Be a Success, a board game which helped them see the connection between personal finance, education, and careers. Through Occupation Cards, the students observed how different jobs provide different monthly salaries.  The students then prepared a budget based on those monthly salaries.  The students also had the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using credit and debit cards as well as the benefits of insurance to reduce monetary responsibility.  This program was beneficial to  young adults who will one day enter the working world.
Junior Achievement 
Economics for Success
Nov. 7

Winter Uniform-November 2
Boys  dress pants, shirt & tie, blazer
Girls  skirt, blouse, blazer

Mrs. Collins  Extra Help Monday 8-8:30AM
                                     Tuesday 3:15-3:45PM
Mr. Dunn's Extra Help Tuesday 3:15-3:45PM
Thursday 3:15-3:45PM

Technology Day

7th grade SS/Chromebook Project

Opening School Mass
PreK-7th grade prayer buddies 

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Art  Tuesday 
Music Wednesday  
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