Kindergarten News!!
Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019!!!! We are busy learning, playing, and praying in kindergarten!!!! Here is what we have learned so far:

ELA: SuperKids!!! We continued Unit 6 for the Letter "Ss." We learned how to write the capital and lowercase versions of the letter, searched for pictures that begin with the letter in our workbooks, created a poster for Sal's Super Sports Day as a class, read and listened to Sal, where we discussed problems and solutions in stories, drew and labeled a picture showing a problem and a solution, and practiced blending and filling in missing letters for different words. We also reviewed our first eight sight words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, and is.

Math: We continued our unit/chapter on Numbers 0-5. This week we learned how to count and write 1 and 2, model, count, and write 3 and 4, and model and count 5. 

Social Studies: We learned more about Veterans Day. We read and completed a Scholastic magazine about Veterans Day. We learned that soldiers work very hard, are very brave, and have to leave their families and friends for a long time. We also learned about military dogs and how they help the soldiers. We also watched a video segment to help us learn more.  

Religion: We learned about how God gave us our teachers and neighbors to help us and take care of us. We are very blessed!! 

We also continued our November books, made some special projects for our school and the community, and made a placemat craft for Thanksgiving, where we wrote what we are thankful for. We are having so much fun!! :)