Kindergarten News!!
Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019!!!! We are busy learning, playing, and praying in kindergarten!!!! Here is what we learned this week:

ELA: SuperKids!!! We continued and finished Unit 9 for the Letter "T." Our SuperKids are Tic, Tac, and Toc!! We reviewed the letter and the sound it makes and read and listened to Toss It. After the story, we wrote and drew about the problem and solution from the story. We started Unit 10 for the Letter "F." Our new SuperKid is Frits!! We identified the letter and the sound it makes, circled pictures in our workbooks that began with the letter, learned how to write the capital and lowercase versions of the letter, and completed other activities in our workbooks. We also reviewed our first thirteen sight words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is , we, my, like, he, and for.

Math: We continued and finished our unit/chapter on Representing, Counting, and Writing Numbers 6 to 9. This week we learned how to use the strategy of drawing a picture to help us understand numbers. We reviewed what we learned and took our assessment, which we did well on as a class!! We started our new unit/chapter on Representing and Counting Numbers to 10. So far we have learned how to model and count to 10. 

Science: We read and completed a Scholastic magazine about penguins. We learned that before a penguin chick hatches, the dad keeps it warm and the mom goes out to hunt for food. The penguin chick has soft gray down feathers when it is first born and as it grows, it molts and loses its' feathers. Eventually, they have waterproof feathers. We also watched a video and played a game to help us learn. 

Religion: We learned about how God's love gave us Jesus and the many signs that we see to let us know Jesus is with us. We also learned about how we are all God's children and Jesus' baptism. 

We also started our January books, read and listened to The Mitten, and created special mitten projects with the animals from the story. We are having so much fun!! :)