Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear Parents,

I am Susan Porcelli, the Mandarin teacher. Welcome to my class!
It is going to be a wonderful year this year! We  have a lot of  new things -   the new principle, new classrooms,  new friends and many new teachers! I hope to work with everyone of you to make our Mandarin class a new and fun way of learning class! 

There are some more exciting things - 
In about 10 days, some of our students will perform a famous Chinese song "Ba Ba Hao" at Dragon Boat Racing Festival at Port Jefferson Harbor on September 15,2018. Please stop by and support out students!     
We will have "learning together" time for each grade - parents are invited to join our class telling your experience/funny story sometime during the school year! Please let me know if you are planning to participate!

It is always a great plus when children learning a new language at a young age!
In the past, we learned a lot! Look, we had done! We made our Shamrocks for St. Patricks' Day and enjoyed learning and writing the characters - we learned to say and write "san ye cao "
Do you know what those words mean? If you are curious to know,  please  come to meet us in our Mandarin classes!


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3rd Grade4th Grade

5th Grade


Dear Parents,

As the part of Mandarin Class, we are not only learning language, but also learning culture and history of China. So far, we have learned the Great Wall of China, the Dragon Boat Racing Festival. Lately, we have learned the famous poem " Hymn of the Traveler" by Meng Jiao.

yóu zǐ yín               mèng jiāo


cí mǔ    shǒu zhōng  xiàn,                     yóu zǐ  shēn shàng    yī,

                   线,                                  衣,

[compassionate] [mother] [hand] [in] [thread][wander] [song] [body] [on] [clothes]

Thread in the hand of a compassionate mother

clothes on a wandering son;


lín xíng  mìmì féng,                                yì kǒng  chí  chí guī,

       密密   缝,                                                归。

[just before] [travel] [close] [close] [sew]          [think] [fear] [late] [late] [return]

just before his departure she sewed closely,

in her mind worrying about his late return

shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn,                            bào dé sān chūn  huī
                心,                                       ?

[who] [speak] [inch] [grass] [heart]                  [repay] [achieve] [three] [spring] [shine]

Who would say that the heart of inch-high grass

could repay the sunshine of deepest spring?

FYI- one more translation of the poem to help you understanding better the meaning of the poem.

Threads adeptly brandished by a loving mother, sewed into garments for a son so soon to depart. 

Her sewing picks up pace as the date approaches, worries of belated return echoing in her heart. 

Who dare claim that the green grass, might somehow repay the sun for its warm hearth? 


1. Green grass repaying the warmth of the sun: This is a traditional metaphor used in Chinese literature to describe the care and love given by parents to their children. A portion of this poem has been condensed into a famous Chinese idiom (春晖寸草) describing appreciation for the love and care received from one’s parents.

FYI  the following link will show the song  "  yóu zǐ yín"

Dear Parents,                                   

I have given the third and fourth graders a project on the Great Wall of China. They are free to be as creative as they want as long as it pertains to the history or architecture of the Great Wall of China.

I look forward to seeing what they come with by October 28th(due date) ! 


I am Susan Porcelli, the Mandarin Language teacher. I graduated from Rhode Island College with a master’s degree in Education. I believe many of you already know me if you are not new to SSPJ family! I have been a proud member of this family for 5 years.  SSPJ has offered Mandarin classes for more than 10 years! What an outstanding pioneer among all schools on Long Island!


Thanks to our school leaders and parish, this year we have a brand new look in our classroom, all new windows making it nice and bright!

To all students in 4th and 5th grade, this year we are adding one more class for them each week, so they will have a little more time to practice and enjoy their Mandarin learning experience.

For the younger grades, we will continue building up vocabulary and simple conversations through different fun learning ways.   

Parents, as you know, it is very important for you to be involved with your children’s learning activities. I would like to pass on some information that Smithtown School District Adult Education will be offering Beginner’s Mandarin Lessons this year! I will teach the class Tuesday evening there! This will be a great opportunity for you to know what your kids are learning in school and maybe you can even help your child get ahead in class! Hope to see you there!



Smithtown Central School District Adult Education Fall 2016

Susan Porcelli                                                                                    HSE Room 109

This beginner-level class is for all who want to learn Mandarin – the most widely spoken language in the world. Participants will gain a tremendous knowledge from basic pronunciation to characters evolution. During the classes, we will concentrate on Pinyin (pronunciation) and characters (Chinese written words), which will help you speak and form meaningful sentences.

Come join us! Use what you learn to start a conversation with your classmates or with your child. Learn for fun or for your kids! Either way this class will enhance your knowledge in general or your life in the future!

Class starts Tuesday, September 27, 2016
10 Sessions                                                                                                    Fee: $65
7:30-9:30                                                                                             Out of Dist. $73                                                                                                        Senior Citizen fee: $53

TEL: 631-382-2090

A glance at our classes from previous years: 

                           We are singing "Happy Birthday in Mandarin for Abby.


In Mandarin the month of May 
 Blooms much love for Mom and God!

It was such a  fun day making dumpling with the third graders! Thanks to the helpful Moms - Mrs. Fazzini and Mrs. Rubenstrunk who made this day very memorable! 

A special thank you goes out  to Mrs. Testa, Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Ewald for supporting this program!
We learned to make dumplings and we  learned to use chopsticks!

Also the Second and Fifth Graders' family tree projects came out great too!
Thank you all for your tremendous effort in making it so successful!



Christmas Singing