First Grade Home Page

Welcome to Our
First Grade Class Page!

First Grade has been busy for the month of December

In E.L.A / Superkids we have learned endings -er, -ed, and le. We've been working hard on our reading comprehension skills along with expanding our writing. We learned about nouns and verbs. We also learned about poems and how they rhyme.

In GO MATH we have expanded our understanding of subtraction and are learning how addition and subtraction work hand and hand. We also have been using 10-frames to help as a subtraction strategy. 

In Science we have learned about different 
life cycles.

In Social Studies we learned about where people live meaning country, state, city, town, neighborhoods along with mountains, valleys, lakes. The students also began to learn their cordial directions (North, South, East, and West)

In Religion we learned about Advent