Test Schedule
**Extra Help is offered every Wednesday afternoons (3:15pm-3:45pm) and Thursday mornings (8:00am-8:30am), unless otherwise noted. Be sure to review spelling and/or vocabulary words nightly. Also, please be sure to practice multiplication and division facts nightly.  For vocab/spelling tests; review cards and workbook pages. For math tests; review lessons in GoMath book and study Chapter Review/Test. For science tests; review all science notes, workbook book pages, and textbook pages. For social studies tests; review all social studies notes, workbook pages, and textbook pages. For religion tests; review chapter in Blest Are We, including Bible verse, and Blestarewe.com. 

April Test Schedule (so far)

4/9 - Math Chapter 6 Test
4/11 - Religion Chapter 10
4/12 - Bridge to Terabithia Chapter 1 and 2