Kindergarten News!!
Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019!!!! We are busy learning, playing, and praying in kindergarten!!!! Here is what we learned this week:

ELA: SuperKids!!! We continued and finished Unit 12 for the Letter "H." Our SuperKid is Hot Rod!! We reviewed the letter and the sound it makes, completed different activities in our workbooks, and read and listened to Hot Rod's Sharing Solution and I Sell. We wrote and drew about what the action figures in the story were doing on their adventure and the different items that people in the book sold around the world. We started Unit 13 for the Letter "U." We have now met all of the SuperKids!!! We identified the letter and the sound it makes and completed activities in our workbooks. We also read and listened to If I Were President and discussed what we would do if we were president. We reviewed our first fifteen sight words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is , we, my, like, he,, for, with, and me. 

Math: We continued our unit/chapter on Addition. This week we learned how to write more addition sentences and make number pairs to 9. 

Social Studies: We read and completed two Scholastic magazines about Valentine's Day and President's Day. We learned that people and animals show their love by giving hugs and we learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, our 1st and 16th presidents. We also watched two video segments and played games to help us learn.  

Religion: We learned about how we can share God's love with our family, friends, neighbors, and teachers not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. We love Jesus!! 

We also continued our February books, made projects for Valentine's Day and President's Day and had a Valentine's Day celebration in class. We love SSPJ!!!! We are having so much fun!! :)