Kindergarten News!!
Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019!!!! We are busy learning, playing, and praying in kindergarten!!!! Here is what we learned this week:

ELA: SuperKids!!! We continued Unit 8 for the Letter "I." Our SuperKid is Icky!! We learned how the letter can be at the beginning or in the middle of a word. We wrote and drew about our favorite TV show, read and listened to Icky, Icky's What Ifs, and Cass is Ill and discussed the characters in the stories and what they were acting out on TV and other events, and completed other activities in our workbooks and on worksheets. We also created a TV show and an invitation for an event as a class. We reviewed our first thirteen sight words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is , we, my, like, he, and for.

Math: We continued our unit/chapter on Comparing Numbers to 5. We reviewed our three important terms: more (greater) than, less than, and the same (equal). We also compared by counting sets to 5. We took our assessment and started our new unit/chapter on Representing, Counting, and Writing Numbers 6 to 9. So far we have learned how to model and count 6. 

Science: We read, discussed, and completed a Scholastic magazine about bears and what they do to prepare for hibernation in the winter. We learned that they eat fish, berries, and bugs and then find a den to sleep in. We also watched a video to help us learn. 

Social Studies: We read, discussed, and completed a Scholastic magazine about gingerbread. We learned the different steps needed to make this delicious Christmas treat!! We also watched a video to help us learn. 

Religion: We learned more about Advent and Christmas. We are preparing and waiting for Jesus' birthday!! We learned how our second Advent candle stands for Peace.

We also continued our December and Homes books, shopped at the Christmas boutique, performed in our Christmas concert, participated in our school's Craft/Giving Day and wrote letters to Santa and made a Christmas craft with our 8th Grade Prayer Buddies!! We are having so much fun!! :)