Grade 7

7th Grade - This is your page to find important information such as, homework and test/quiz prep materials.

Note: (12/12/16) - Hola chicos You will be having a time quiz on Tuesday, December 20th. You will be given out a review packet on Thursday, December 15th. I will post the answers to the packet on Sunday, December 18th. The topics on the quiz are below: 

-Numbers 0-60
  - Answering the question, "Que hora es?" & responds with "Son las tres y veinte" (3:20)
- Using "menos" "Son las cuatro menos trece" (3:47)
- Interpreting schedules: Answering the question, "A que hora es la clase de espanol?" & responds with "La clase de espanol es a las dos"

This is the link to the YouTube video that we will be using for review: Listening - Horas
*Remember* Try to not become overwhelmed by how fast the video is. Read the questions first and KNOW what you are being asked. Then, watch the video 2-3 times to pick out times and/or classes that you recognize.

telling time review sheet answers.pdf